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Specializing in Virus & Malware Eradication, Active Directory, Exchange, SBS & Wifi Installations, Troubleshooting and Migrations




Professional Computer Services and Assistance for home or office.


For 20 years, we are a comprehensive computer service company covering everything from business networking, troubleshooting, Microsoft Certified Training, and home computing needs. 


Super fast response times!


We specialize in a wide range of technologies, including supporting and troubleshooting any size network, from home office, to small, medium and large corporate infrastructures with directory services, Exchange messaging and network services requirements.


We also offer one on one, or classroom based training by a Microsoft Certified Trainer using Microsoft Official Curriculum courseware. 


We offer ground up conceputalization & implementations, migrations, and support for your current or future computer network infrastructure.


We can assist with small, medium and large migrations and upgrades, for SBS, Active Directory, Exchange, and Windows.


We offer and support the following but not limited to (and I'm sure I forgot something in this list):


  • Any version of Windows
  • Active Directory 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2
  • Exchange Server 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Small Business Server (SBS) 2003, 2008, 2011
  • Migrations and Upgrades (AD, Exchange, SBS, Windows, etc)
  • Firewalls (Cisco, Netgear, Linksys, SonicWall, etc)
  • VPN
  • HyperV
  • VMWare
  • Windows network services (TCP/IP, DNS, WINS, Routing)
  • Home and Business FIOS or Cable network and wireless configuration
  • Secured Home WIFI
  • Secured certificate based WIFI
  • Desktops, Laptops
  • Droid, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry
  • General email configuration



Cloud Computing


We offer and provide full support for cloud computing solutions, with any provider of choice. We can assist in researching the best possible solution for your company or personal needs.


Things to consider are:


  • Reduced costs of storing and backing up data
  • 24/7 access of data no matter where you are



Hosted Exchange


Many businesses have either already moved or considering moving their email solution offsite to a hosted Exchange provider.


Hosting an in-house Exchange email server for email and collaboration has a number of advantages regarding security of sensitive email correspondence, however the drawback or compromises may include:


  • Costs and consideration of maintenance
  • Backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server storage space
  • Power consumption
  • Insuring 24/7 power supply
  • Insuring 24/7 Internet connectivity
  • Additonal costs of requiring a business class Internet service
  • Technical knowledge to administer Exchange Server
  • Technical knowledge of Active Directory (because Exchange is based on it)


Hosted Exchange is a great solution because it reduces or eliminates many of these factors.


No longer do you have to worry about power going out due to storms, your Internet line dropping due to storms, dealing with backup, tapes, disaster recovery, something going wrong with the server, can't access email, etc. Security is also of the utmost importance, because Hosted Exchange providers provide strong security.


Email traffic is secured by the use of a number of security technologies, such as:


  • Secured web mail (using Secured HTTPS for OWA),
  • Secured SSL ActiveSync for iPhones, Droids and Windows Mobile phones
  • Secured Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 RPC/HTTPS
  • Secured Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, 2010 and newer Outlook 


Your data is always available as long as you have internet connectivity, whether at Starbucks, the airport, or anywhere there's a broadband or WIFI connection.


Backup, disaster recovery, archiving, are all done at the provider side. There are no additional costs incurred other than the monthly plan.


If you would like to discuss this as a possible option or solution, feel free to contact us.



Virtualization - HyperV and VMWare


Virtualizing your servers is a great way to save on hardware, space, and facilitates snapshot backups, etc. We use Windows 2008 R2 HyperV to virtualize all of our servers, except one domain controller. This is due to technical reasons, which must be adhered to when implementing virtualization.


There are a number of advantages, such as:


  • Reduced overall costs
  • Less hardware to purchase (you only need one)
  • Reduced power consumption 



The only disadvantage is the higer initial cost for the bigger server needed to support virtualization. After that, you can add almost as many as you want virtualized guest machines, to a point, of course.



Tech Notes on Virtualization:


There are some technical aspects that you must be aware of regarding virtulization that some IT folks may not tell you about or are simply don't know.


HyperV and VMWare offer a feature called Snapshots. It allows you to "snapshot" a server's configuration at any specific point in time. It's a great feature if you need to revert to a snaphot if there are any problems with a server.


However, in some cases snapshots are not supported such as snapshots of Active Directory domain controllers. I am not trying to get technical here, but I must mention this, since not many folks are aware of this drawback. Trying to restore a domain controller from a snapshot can arise with some issues sucha as an NTFRS Journal Wrap condition. In some cases, they can be difficult to recover. Microsoft does not support domain controller snaphots, nor will they support any issues with domain controllers that have been snapshot and restored from a snapshot. You can snapshot almost any other type of server, but not domain controllers.


If you are interested in virtualizing your environment, we will be glad to provide you with all the options, assist in purchasing the correct hardware, implementation and support. If you would like to discuss how virtualization can save you money the next time you are ready to upgrade to new equipment and operating system, please contact us and we will be more than happy to take the time to discuss it.

Desktops, Laptops,

Droid, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry