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Does your current IT services provider explain your computer system in a manner that you don't understand?


Do they respond quickly to your needs?


Do they even understand your business and home office needs?


Are they qualified and certified engineers? Ask for their credentials. If they are, they will be glad to tell you.


We've found many IT service firms don't take the time to fully explain things in a language that you understand, and in some cases don't fully understand the technology to provide proper support or leverage technology to enable your company and home office needs.


We like to provide clear explainations to our customers.


However, explaining computer concepts to non-technical individuals can be a challenge at times. But as with most subjects, we've found a clear, concise analogy will often do the trick.


"I don't know" is not in our vocabulary. However, "We will find out," is.


We take the technobabble out of the explanation to help understand what "IT" means for the end user and the business owner, in a language that is easily understood and makes sense, including it's potential to increase business productivity and help your employees or you improve productivity and skills.



I'm sure you don't want a computer consultant talking to you like this guy:




We offer a wide range of services, from support and assisting the home owner, small, medium and large business data centers. We offer services, support and troubleshooting with any version of Windows, Exchange, SBS, Virtualization, WIFI, certified Microsoft training, and much more.


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